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Soul Mates

by The Worst Grim Reaper

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Kamani thumbnail
Kamani I preordered Soul Mates by The Worst Grim Reaper specifically because I loved the last song (and the accompanying game). The rest of the album is just as incredible. Soul Mates is a beautiful album, and I would definitely recommend listening to it. Having both funny parts and touching parts, it’s an excellent album, and (the song) Soul Mates is such a perfect ending for it.
Thank you for releasing this lovely music. Favorite track: Soul Mates.
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"Hey, are you there? Oh, you responded! Uhhhm... okay. Wait hold on! I can do this… I can do this... Wait where are my lyrics… Hey, my name is Sebastian, I don’t think we’ve ever met. I may be a Grim Reaper, But don’t you worry, you’re not dead. I don’t even like this job, Collecting all those souls. I would rather sing about, Starry skies and endless nights, Crowded streets and people like you. Your life looks cool, can we be friends? I need some help with my next song. Would you let me sing it about you?"
Soul Friends 00:47
"Cool! And so it began— Wait did you just shake your head in a “no” kind of way? Oh! That must be typical human behavior, Don't be shy, you can be my soul mate!... A-as in, like, I'm a Grim Reaper who collects souls, And you're a soul... So like ""soul mate"" as in ""soul friends""...? It's—uh, let's just move on. We're off to a great start, I'll keep writing lyrics, As you go about your life, Just do your daily things. I can't wait to see, What kind of song we come up with. "
"Some nights I have the weirdest dream, All the souls I ever collected, Come back to haunt me. Sometimes it seems, Like I'm the only Grim Reaper with bad dreams, Like that. Anyway, did you sleep well last night? If there's one thing I learned, in my life, It's that you never bother humans who are sleep deprived. So instead I played, A solo on my little broken keyboard to make you feel okay. Some nights I have the weirdest dream, All the souls I ever collected, Come back to haunt me. Sometimes it seems, Like I'm the only Grim Reaper with bad dreams, Like that. At least one of us got a good night sleep, I felt kinda nervous you would call me a creep, When I asked... Um, so. Do you maybe, like... Wanna have a sleepover sometime? I was so happy, When you said, ""Okay!"" That I almost started talking 'bout a time and day, But I didn't want to come across as desperate, So I said, ""Okay, cool."" ""Cool, cool."" "
"Walking around, it's never boring. Every Sunday, I go out exploring. I remember one day, we found a cave. My lantern lit the way, We both pretended that we were not afraid, But when we heard a sound, We both cried out loud, And ran all the way back to our house. "
"I looked at you, Your head was down, And on your face I thought I saw a frown. Hey, it looks like something's wrong... Are you stressed out? You told me how, You weren't stressed out. I thought of the days when I was still a child, I picked flowers, Spoke with trees, Went on adventures, I felt free. Seeing you so calm made me feel more like that, I am so happy, That we have met. "
"It was cold that day back then, All the animals were hiding in their beds. Man, I wish I'd be warm and cozy in my bed already… I actually feel kinda sleepy, what about you? Yeah me neither, I'm not sleepy at all. *yawn* Not at all… But seriously, I could go on all night, If I'm doing what I like. If only my neighbors would appreciate my late night singing. "
"I saw you there, Your head was up, Lost in the clouds, I learned that humans can be so, Dreamy and far away. I remember one time, On my route collecting human souls, A woman was lying on her bed and I, Don't know what her big dream was, But all she looked at was a photo on her desk... "
"Some humans wonder, ""Are we alone?"" ""Is there life up in the sky above?"" They look up all day and night from their bedroom windows. Waiting for a sign... Hmm... Do you believe there are aliens out there? You didn't believe in life in outer space. I acted as if I did not either, So you wouldn't think I was insane. But in truth, I lie awake, Skygazing more often than my neckbones can take, And I hope, someday... My alien friends will come down from there and sing with me. I'm always kinda nervous, Asking about aliens. Sometimes people look at me like I'm half crazy, You did not, you said you believed. It felt like a new level of friendship was achieved. Hmm... okay so if they'd land in your backyard, Would you try to be friends with them? Everything I learned about humans at school, Was proven wrong, you're nice, and pretty cool. I knew for sure when you said, You'd befriend an alien. If only I knew more people like you. Though I hope that the aliens will think like that too, And not shoot at you with lasers or something. "
No Worries 01:02
"You were staring down at the ground, Maybe thinking of something profound, I don't know. Hmm... Hey, um... are you worried about something? Ohhh, worries filled your mind, But that's alright. When I have worries, I let them be and then I breathe, Them all out. "
"Rain fell, from the sky, Wished I'd put on a pair of yellow boots, And jump in the puddles but I, Tend not to do those things anymore, These days... Ohhh, the sky was clear, Ever wonder where that blue color comes from? Well, sunlight reaches Earth's atmosphere, And is scattered in all directions, By all the gases and particles in the air... Blue light is scattered more than the other colors, Because it travels as shorter, smaller waves. This is why we see a blue sky most of the time. Thanks to NASA, For this information. "
Soul Mates 03:22
"(One, two, three, four…) This is the ending of the album, There is no more. If you want to continue, Go to the app store. Or take your blanket and your lamp, And visit “”. Well it’s time to say “Goodbye”, I need to get home and water plants and lie in bed, And stare at my bedroom wall, I can’t wait until I’ll see you all again. I was always on my own, Now I know that I can go, Out and be among the living. I used to hide behind a wall, Talking to no one at all, Now I’m letting people in. Goodbyes hurt, but that’s okay, I see them almost every day. Humans tend to care so much, And this Grim Reaper, he was touched. And in my cloak I keep a song, I keep it warm for everyone, In my life, living or dead. What a pleasure that we have met! I was always on my own, Now I know that I can go, Out and be among the living. I used to hide behind a wall, Talking to no one at all, Now I’m letting people in. Talk all night and sing our song, A soul mate can be anyone. Would you finish this song with me? Whoa, I got that all in one take. Oh wait, is this still on?"


Releasing an album always seemed like a faraway, impossible dream to me. There’s always so much to do and so little time in the day to do it, but a little late-night singing here and guitar recording in my closet there and I find myself staring down at my very first album: Soul Mates.

It’s rough, a little weird and probably way too honest, but I like it. I’m super duper happy Moon Moon Moon asked me to write this for their game The Worst Grim Reaper: Soul Mates, but most of all I’m just glad I get to share my music with people like you. It’s the people I’ve met on my adventures who inspire me to keep writing songs, and I don’t know what I’d be doing with my life if it weren’t for them.


UPC 00811576032735


released October 31, 2019

"Soul Mates" was made possible by the following individuals:

The Worst Grim Reaper: Composer, Lyricist
Moon Moon Moon: Producer

Special Thanks: my lantern Lux, Treederic for the late-night chats, Giles, and all the souls I’ve met in my days (wherever you may be)

©Ⓟ 2019 2019 Materia Collective LLC under exclusive license from The Worst Grim Reaper

For complete credits and information about this release, please visit Materia Collective:


all rights reserved



The Worst Grim Reaper New York, New York

hey, I'm Sebastian! I write songs and draw stuff. also I collect souls for Death Inc. (☠️...)

say hi to my friends at Moon Moon Moon~

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